Bay leaf is famously used as an herb, which comes from the laurel plant. It is used as fresh or dried as well. It has many benefits that can improve the flavor of diet as well as overall health as well. In recent years have people have a lot of knowledge and have become more concerned about their food. So this is the reason why bay leaf has gained limelight.

Cooking food with bay leaf

It is the gift of nature which we have obtained for the best results for our self as the bay leaf is used in many Indian cuisines. Because it enhances the taste of our food is a beneficial and efficient manner, with the help of a sheet, one can make tasty and mouth-watering food without any effort because the properties of bay leaf are so pleasant and delightful that it can uplift any food taste in no time. Therefore we must know some differences between dried and wet leaves that dried leaves are much more effective as compared with wet leaves, and the life span of dry leaves is longer. Moreover, waterlogged leaves are relatively pocket-burdening than dry as they are high in demand and have better taste.

Storage of bay leaf

When it comes to durability, bay leaves defiantly win your heart. Because they are so simple to store, all we need is zipped bags, and refrigerator, and the freshly cut leaves can retain their freshness and flavor for more than 15 days without getting spoiled. Moreover, dried leaves are more effective when we talk about their life span. Because we need a zip bag so that they don’t want moisture of the air and hold its fragrance and flavor for a long time without the fear of getting spoiled.

Here are the ways to cook and store bay leaf