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North Shore Minor Hockey League -


Bathurst minor hockey 

Let's see how many likes we can get from now to our start of season

Note to all teams, coaches, and managers - All BMHA related purchases must be authorized by the executive.  This includes jackets, track suits, etc.  Please see clothing tab.

In regards to locker rooms, effective this year the executive asks that for children in atom and up, that the parents do not go in the locker room with them.  Coaches will be there if kids need skates tied and to monitor the rooms.  Also for the girls locker rooms, we require that all girls atom and up use the girls locker rooms.  We ask that dads not enter the girls locker rooms as there may be  older girls in there as well.  If your daughter needs help to tie her skates, we ask that the skates be tied in the hallway.  We ask that this policy please be respected.

NOTICE to all BHM parents.......We  have Subway peeler cards available to purchase .  They are $10.00 per card.  $5.00 from every  card that is sold goes back to BMHA.